Why we joined?

Toastmaster: Lindsay Meihuizen

Reason: When I came out of hospital after a terrible disability (illness), I lacked confidence/At the time,I would not say not say boo to a goose.  I was  a total introvert. I joined Toastmasters in 1992 and have not looked back since. Fantastic! I’m now an extrovert.

Toastmaster: Afsana Khan

Reason: I joined Toastmasters to enhance my public speaking skills. When I was a kid I had a horrible stage-fright experience, and Toastmasters ensure that I will never go through that traumatic experience again. It also gave me confidence to pursue other exciting challenges in life.

Toastmaster: Allan Hobbs

Reason: I should have joined a lot earlier in life as the skills learnt can be used in business and social life.

Toastmaster: Lerato Philia Mahlo

Reason: One of my networks attributed her sharp public speaking and presentation skills to Toastmasters. I joined out of curiosity and to also learn to think on my feet. My job entails delivering presentations and interviewing people and Toastmasters evaluations help exceedingly. Public speaking is however still working progress.